Strategy & Planning

It’s too costly to leave your strategy and planning to chance. As our clients look to expand and grow, R36 Solutions is there to help them build strategies that are transformative and create value.

At R36 Solutions we provide strategy and planning support for our clients in pursuit of both government and commercial industry opportunities. Our team members have contributed to the development of the technologies and policies that launched Smart Grid, Electric Vehicle charging, rooftop solar, demand response, wireless, Internet industries, app-enabled rideshare and autonomous vehicles. Our team members have been at the forefront of the mobile and broadband industries for over two decades. This combination of public policy, technical and market expertise allows us to serve as invaluable strategic consultants and advisors to our clients as they explore new business opportunities, target federal funding, or look towards expansion into new markets.

How We Can Help

Discover and Spotlight Your Priorities

Understanding your challenges and priorities forms the cornerstone of our client-centric strategy and planning efforts. In order to create the greatest potential for success, R36 Solutions will work with you to uncover your organization’s goals, and priorities so that potential opportunities are aligned with your business strategies, objectives, and strengths.

Define Your Market Segments, Value and Niche

As we better understand your organization and how it fits into the greater commercial and government landscape, the R36 Solutions team will work with you to clearly define your market segments and niche, helping you define your value and better position your organization for future growth and expansion.

Identify Market Opportunities

Once we have a firm grasp on our client’s priorities, service offerings, and their unique market positioning, R36 Solutions will identify and track government and private funding opportunities, as well as commercial opportunities that align with our clients’ capabilities and expertise.

Develop and Implement a Winning Strategy and Execution Plan

Developing a capture strategy and planning for its implementation can be complex and often requires a multidisciplinary team of strategists and planners with hands-on experience in turning new business ideas into reality. R36 Solutions is that team. Our members have a proven track record of helping their clients capture new revenue streams, both commercially and through federal grants.