Research & Analysis

Capture strategies, advocacy plans, and grant proposals are only as good as the underlying information and assumptions used to create them.

At R36 Solutions we consider comprehensive research, accurate data collection, and thoughtful analyses to be essential elements to the services we provide and actions we recommend. When we identify potential opportunities, in partnership with our clients, our first action is to conduct targeted research and analysis related to that opportunity. This research and analysis is vital to helping the customer gain a complete understanding of the competitive landscape, market demand, national priorities, and potential costs related to the opportunity so that they can make an informed and strategic decision on whether, and if so how, to move forward.

How We Can Help

Analyze Market Demand

R36 Solutions can help you identify where the greatest opportunities for growth exist with customized research to gain strategic insights into current and emerging players in your market, industry trends, and market shifts. This analysis will help you determine if you can successfully enter a market.

Assess the Strength of your Competition

It is important to understand the competitive landscape before pursuing any potential new opportunity. By conducting a competitive analysis, R36 Solutions can help you to know who your likely competitors are, what services they offer and how much of the market share they could potentially capture.

Identify and Assess Emerging Technologies and Policy Trends

R36 Solutions is uniquely positioned to identify and assess emerging technologies and policy trends that could influence new business opportunities. Our team members often come across new innovations or applications that we recognize as having potential use across a variety of commercial sectors. Similarly, we are constantly on the lookout for shifting policy trends that will affect our clients. We use that knowledge and experience to help our clients develop winning technology strategies.

Analyze State and Federal Technology Priorities and Initiatives

R36 Solutions keeps a close watch on the state and Federal technology priorities and initiatives. We conduct targeted analyses at the Federal, state or municipality level to see how those priorities and initiatives align with our client’s mission and goals.