Project Support, Compliance, & Reporting

Managing and executing Federal grant programs can be enormously costly and complex.

Grant management is complicated, and, unfortunately, missteps in the process can negatively affect your organization’s mission and initiatives. Maintaining compliance with federal government regulations enables companies to not only utilize federal dollars to fund operations, but also continue to apply for these funds and receive awards in the future.

The extensive policies, rules, and laws associated with project execution (particularly across the Federal government) demands experienced professionals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge, processes, and systems to ensure compliance. The team at R36 Solutions helps alleviate the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the management of Federal awards by working collaboratively with our clients on program submissions, certifications, monitoring, project management, and reporting. R36 Solutions helps you navigate the constantly evolving regulatory environments so that you can fully leverage these public funds with minimal disruption to your mission.

How We Can Help

Understand Your Compliance and Reporting Requirements

Each grant is unique, and each contract has its own terms, but there will always be specific conditions and requirements. R36 Solutions will assist you in fully understanding these conditions and requirements including items such as the contract amount and terms, allowable vs. unallowable costs / activities and reporting requirements.

Review Your Compliance Methodology

We help our clients, prior to proposal submission, review their overall compliance methodology and programs in relationship to federal/state agency requirements. With this review, we will recommend the specific steps to establish more efficient operations, reduce manual processes, and introduce metrics for tracking compliance.

Adopt the Right Internal Controls

It is important for your organization to have the right internal controls in place to ensure grant compliance. Federal regulations require companies to have internal controls that include clear segregation of duties, accurate purchase and vendor approvals, ongoing program monitoring, programmatic documentation of timelines, deliverables and milestones, and timely and accurate budget reconciliations. R36 Solutions can tap into the talent and solutions you need to ensure that you have the right internal controls in place.

Review of Services and Product Supplier Compliance

To ensure that the client contracted suppliers meet the range of government compliance requirements, R36 Solutions will support the client in mapping supplier compliance requirements to supplier validated documentation, certifications, and other required forms of proof. This will be assembled into a supplier compliance package as specified and required by both federal and state agencies.

Deliver Ongoing Project Support

Upon award, the support provided by R36 Solutions can evolve to include project execution and management. We offer full program and project management oversight for our clients. This includes staffing, if requested, of certified project managers, program plan tracking and reporting, and other customary program management functions.

Our Work in Action

One of our team members led the development of the Department of Energy’s Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity – a public-private strategy to enhance cybersecurity across the energy sector and catalyzed the development of more than 30 advanced technologies now deployed across the nation’s energy infrastructure.

Additionally, he spearheaded the $4.5 billion smart grid investment program designed to jumpstart grid modernization across the US. Leveraging this expertise is one of the ways R36 Solutions is uniquely positioned to help our clients as they navigate the IIJA and identify opportunities to build a more secure and resilient energy infrastructure.