R36 Solutions specializes in designing and implementing sophisticated, robust advocacy strategies for our clients.

The team at R36 Solutions has decades of experience advocating across a wide spectrum of issues including telecommunications, energy, defense, cyber security, emerging technologies, workforce development and information technology. Our innovative and collaborative approach allows us to tailor our services to provide clients with an effective advocacy campaign for any issue. Whether legislative or regulatory, our approach includes developing allies in Congress and the Administration and identifying and leveraging other like-minded organizations. Successful advocacy today is about more than handshakes and Zoom calls; it’s about having the data and research needed to inform your strategy, developing compelling messages, cultivating the right messengers, and having the right team by your side to manage a cohesive, impactful campaign.

How We Can Help

Raise Your Visibility

We work with our clients to develop and execute a comprehensive advocacy strategy that raises their visibility among decision-makers and advances their interests. Our team members have worked to place their clients at the forefront of national policy discussions. When initiatives require strengthening the visibility of an organization, R36 Solutions knows when to publicize an initiative or launch an outreach campaign, including forging strategic partnerships with prominent trade associations and/or policy coalitions so that the organization’s priorities are included as part of the national dialogue.

Develop a Compelling Narrative

What you say and how you say it is important. We help our clients prepare to thoughtfully engage with policy makers at the federal and state level. We help clients frame their story and develop a compelling narrative for the audience they are addressing and connecting it to the current policy agenda in a way that resonates with policymakers and their priorities.

Advance Your Interests

R36 Solutions works with our clients to develop strategies to shape the legislative and regulatory process in order to move issues that are important to your organization onto the Federal agenda. We do this by engaging key stakeholders and decision makers and pairing that with powerful, data-driven messaging that we develop in partnership with our clients.

Engage Lawmakers & Allies

In an era of virtual meetings and social media overload, real connections and relationships have never been more important. We help our clients build meaningful relationships with elected leaders, key government decision makers, and other stakeholders from business and non-profit organizations that can help advance their agenda.

Shape Federal and State Policies and Programs

To help shape Federal and state policies and programs that align with your organization’s priorities and your advocacy plan, our team can help draft and promote legislative provisions, develop and write white papers and policy position papers, and draft responses to Federal Requests for Information and Notices of Proposed Rulemaking.

Be Your Washington Presence

We can be your boots on the ground in Washington D.C. -- keeping our eyes and ears open for the opportunities and initiatives that align best with your interests. We can attend relevant Congressional and Executive Branch hearings and briefings, as well as participate in activities sponsored by industry associations, think tanks and other influential non-profit organizations.

Our Work in Action

A member of R36 Solutions implemented an advocacy strategy for its Fortune 500 client which helped to shape a new Department of Energy program in support of their innovative ocean energy technology, secure legislative provisions to make the client eligible for Federal renewable energy tax credits and ignite the Department of Defense to evaluate and deploy the technology to power its military bases around the world.

Let us put this deep knowledge and experience in advocacy and technology adoption to work for you.