Telecommunications and broadband services are facing a host of new opportunities and challenges presented by a dynamic regulatory, technological, and competitive environment.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, the explosion of connected devices and deployment of the Internet of Things are driving a revolution in telecommunications, spurring an unprecedented and accelerating increase in data volume and the demand for reliable broadband systems across the country to both manage and access it. To help meet that demand, the IIJA includes $65 billion for continued broadband deployment and adoption with a focus on and funding in support of a more ubiquitous distribution of broadband service to under-served areas. We will see fiber coming to many new areas that haven’t previously seen high-quality bandwidth services, including rural and inner-city areas. In tandem, a new awareness for the need for broadband adoption by disadvantaged communities has put a spotlight on Digital Adoption and Digital Equity efforts. The IIJA provides funding for these efforts to connect the unconnected and end the Digital Divide.

The R36 Solutions team is uniquely positioned to provide expert broadband technology strategy, planning, and execution support services to our clients. Our team’s first-hand experience navigating complex regulatory waters and implementing large-scale technology initiatives both within the government (FCC, Department of Commerce) and across the telecommunications industry (Verizon, AT&T, Nextel, Teligent, Comcast, and systems in South America, Asia and Europe) has uniquely equipped us with the expertise and know-how to assist our clients as they work to capture the funding available in the IIJA and fully execute and deploy their communications projects.