Data Analytics & AI

The applications for data analytics are broad. In our data-rich age, a primary driver of success lies in understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from the expanse of data that is available to your organization.

Analyzing data can optimize efficiency across companies, improving performance and enabling businesses to succeed. At R36 Solutions, we apply our expertise to three areas where data analytics is critical:

  • Energy, Grid/DR-DER — for Grid efficiencies, resilience, and reliability
  • Broadband Network Optimization and Usage
  • Operations Contents Delivery

R36 Solutions supports its clients in developing comprehensive, integrated data and analytics solutions that will bring improved value for their operations and technology life cycle management. In the commercial sector this can translate to additional revenue streams. For example, using AI our team can help drive operational improvement across distributed energy resource (DER) generation and distribution, while addressing the impacts of the evolving energy provider end user landscape in areas such as energy efficiency. We support our clients in implementing holistic data strategies that address the many variables that impact operations and business economics, including people, processes, and technology solutions as both the government and business cultures recognize data and data analytics as a commodity.