Over the last three decades, our team members have represented Fortune 500 companies, cutting edge technology start-ups, Federal and state agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations and consortia.

R36 Solutions is a collaborative venture, created by six national experts to help our clients identify and capture opportunities across government and commercial industry verticals.

We are a tightly integrated team of technology, innovation, policy, advocacy, and research strategists. Our experience and expertise span a wide spectrum of science and technology fields and issues including telecommunications, energy, transportation, defense, workforce development and information technology. We have decades of experience in various presidential administrations, federal agencies, state utility commissions, think tanks, corporations and international law firms.

Our team includes former high-ranking Federal and State technology officials, who have had responsibility for creating, overseeing and advocating for Presidential and Cabinet-level technology initiatives and who have developed and executed strategies to promote technology-based economic development at the State and Federal level as well as former C level corporate executives, who have had extensive hands-on involvement in the development, planning and implementation of large-scale regional and nationwide business and strategic initiatives.



R36 Solutions provides expert, experienced, and professional support to commercial enterprises, as well as state and local governments, tribes and non-profit organizations in pursuit of federal grant and direct funding opportunities. Our team of seasoned professionals have helped numerous clients do the following: raise their visibility among government policy makers and program managers; advance their program and policy interests in Washington; and secure federal funding though appropriations, grants, and contracts from the Federal government to support a wide variety of R&D, technology, broadband, renewable energy, homeland security, programmatic and economic development projects. Our team has the full scope of professional knowledge, technical expertise, and experience needed to navigate sweeping and complex legislation and the spectrum of Federal funding opportunities.

With our deep bench and domain expertise, we can assist our clients in all aspects of working with the government, including winning agency grants, executing programs, selling products and services to the government or in furtherance of government sponsored policies and programs, and managing compliance.


The speed of innovation, disruptive business models, and socially-driven government policies create the need for a multi-disciplinary and experienced partner that our clients can turn to as they develop new businesses and operational strategies to remain viable now and into the future

The R36 Solutions team has been involved in the development of the mobile, internet, hyperscale, distributed cloud environment, AI/ML, and Smart Grid commercial industries. This background enables R36 to support your team in creating new lines of business and evolving existing ones to pursue new revenue opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Our team members are thought leaders and experts in their fields, with deep knowledge and experience working at the highest levels of government, business, and law.

Our expertise spans multiple Federal agencies – including the Departments of Energy, Commerce and Defense, the Federal Communications Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the National Science Foundation – creating a deep knowledge of their R&D budgets and programs, policy priorities and large-scale procurement efforts.

Our team also has long-standing familiarity and experience working within the Washington D.C. political environment, building strategic partnerships, and developing effective messaging and advocacy campaigns. Over the last three decades, our team members have represented Fortune 500 companies, cutting edge technology start-ups, Federal and state agencies, universities, and non-profit organizations and consortia.